When you compare Veggie Power Vegan Pizza Crust
to the leading competitor, there really isn’t any comparison!

Veggie Power has:
Less than half the Calories
0% Cholesterol vs their 5%
Less Sodium
1/4 the Carbohydrates
40% more Iron and



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Veggie Power was founded to be the most healthful, trusted cauliflower pizza crust brand in the country. To achieve this, we seek the best ingredients and create recipes that respect our customers’ desire to eat smart, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and enjoy the best that life has to offer.

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The rapid growth of the vegan market in the United States has been extraordinary, especially in the last decade. But one area that hasn’t fully satisfied the huge vegan market — and even non-vegans who want more healthful alternatives in their meal choices — is the pizza. That’s why we created Veggie Power Cauliflower Crust Pizzas.


Now, for the first time, supermarkets, pizzerias and restaurants can offer vegans  — and all of their more health-conscious customers — Veggie Power’s selection of all-vegan pizzas made with VIOLIFE 100% vegan mozzarella cheese, including one with the first ever first-ever plant-based pepperoni toppings. So now they can enjoy one the most popular kinds of pizza toppings, but in a sumptuous plant-based version.


Every Veggie Power Cauliflower Pizza Crust is Non GMO, Gluten Free and, of course, All Natural — all this with only 7 Grams of Carbs. And Veggie Power Cauliflower Pizza Crusts are made in the gourmet, New York Style, with thin crusts that are crispier and tastier than other cauliflower pizza crusts.


Veggie Power also offers a fabulous vegan all-vegetable pizza, made with VIOLIFE 100% vegan 100% mozzarella cheese, which kids especially love. And Veggie Power’s plain cauliflower pizza crusts are also made with delicious VIOLIFE 100% vegan 100% mozzarella cheese. So all health-conscious shoppers and diners now have a great new way to enjoy a pizza that’s both delicious and healthful — thanks to Veggie Power. 

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